2014 CGRS Presenters

Nine students represented the University of Kansas Lawrence Campus at the 2014 Capitol Graduate Research Summit. View their research here.

Emily Beck | Bioenginnering | Advisor: Michael Detamore

Decellularized Cartilage Hydrogels for Cartilage Tissue Engineering

Emily BeckBeck’s research focuses on the clinical translation of tissue engineering to create scaffolds that assist in cartilage regeneration. Specifically, Beck is modifying current tissue engineered products to enable them to be implanted into a patient, which could lead to improved treatment options and quality of life for arthritis patients.

Yufei Cheng | Electrical Engineering | Advisor: James P.G. Sterbenz

Telecommunication Network Vulnerability and Geodiverse Routing Protocol

Yufei ChengCheng’s current research focuses on resilient routing protocol design and analysis of vulnerability location for optical fiber networks. This research addresses the challenges telecommunication networks face when affected by natural disasters and intentional attacks.

Brittany Hartwell | Bioengineering | Advisor: Cory Berkland

Cellular Response to a Novel Multivalent Polymeric Immunotherapy for Multiple Sclerosis

Brittany HartwellHartwell’s research develops an improved therapy for multiple sclerosis that exceeds current therapies in both safety and effectiveness by specifically targeting the immune response at the source of the disease. Her research not only has implications for effectively combating MS, but also sheds light on how to better develop therapies for other diseases of the immune system such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, and other autoimmune diseases.

Sharmin Kader | Architecture | Advisor: Keith Diaz Moore

Development of Hospice Environmental Assessment Protocol (HEAP): A Post Occupancy Evaluation Tool for Hospice Building Facilities

Sharmin KaderKader’s research creates a Post Occupancy Evaluation tool for hospice facilities, named Hospice Environmental Assessment Protocol (HEAP), which will provide information about the performance of the built environment according to patients’ requirements. This knowledge will help to develop design guidelines for better architectural practice.

Margaret Lloyd | Social Work | Advisor: Jody Brook

The Disparate Impact of Alcohol, Methamphetamine and Other Drugs on Family Reunification after Foster Care in Kansas

Margaret LlyodLloyd’s research focuses on how various drugs of abuse differentially impact family reunification after foster care. Her findings indicate that methamphetamine use is a significant barrier to reunification, and that parental drug addiction is associated with substantially longer stays in foster care. These findings suggest that a more robust intervention approach could positively impact reunification.

Lindsey Ott | Bioengineering | Advisor: Michael Detamore

Biomaterial Device for Repairing the Pediatric Airway

Lindsey OttOtt’s research centers around developing tissue engineered constructs for pediatric tracheal defect repair. Her work seeks to alleviate tracheal defects in children affected by airway stenosis.

Cynthia L. Taylor & Benjamin Rutt | Psychology | Advisor: Changming Duan

Evaluation of Text4baby Promotional Efforts in Finney County and State Level Replication

Cynthia TaylorBenjamin RuttTaylor and Rutt’s research focuses on the impact of promotional efforts to increase enrollment in Text4baby in the state of Kansas. Through a technology they use regularly, Text4baby quickly and easily provides pregnant women and new mothers with essential health information to help them care for themselves and their children.

Yan Xia | Molecular Biosciences | Advisor: John Karanicolas

Designing Small Molecule Inhibitors of RNA-binding Proteins by Mimicry

Yan XiaXia and his fellow researchers have developed an innovative approach for the specific inhibition of Musashi-1, which is a protein promoting tumorigenesis. Xia’s methodology provides a new therapeutical paradigm for glioma treatment, and can be generalized to inhibit other anti-disease targets.

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