2015 Chancellor's Fellows

In 2013, Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little announced the creation of the Chancellor’s Doctoral Fellowships, a dozen of which are awarded each year to graduate students. The fellowships assist KU in obtaining its mission as a flagship university that provides advanced education to students in a range of fields. The fellowship provides a stipend of $25,000 per year, and covers tuition and fees, for up to five years of support. Students are also involved in professional development workshops and networking opportunities.

For information on the 2015 Chancellor's Fellows, please read the bios below.

Jun Ai | Special Education

Research Interests

Ai's research focuses on Early Childhood (Special) Education. She's interested in exploring the impact of inclusion on typically developing children and their families, preparing teachers to service every young child, and examining the facilitators and challenges for developing inclusive education programs in developing countries.


Renee Dinsmore | Public Administration

Research Interests

Dinsmore’s research interests center on linking public administration practice and population health outcomes. Her research explores the ways in which local governments can intervene in non-health sectors to improve health outcomes and reduce health disparities. Dinsmore seeks to understand how changes in community development, criminal justice, or education policy can improve population health and well-being over time.


Olivia Eller | Neuroscience

Research Interests

Eller’s research focuses on investigating if there is behavioral and molecular evidence indicative of comorbidity of urogenital sensitivity and migraine in a mouse model of early life stress. She will be examining the effects of exercise on chronic pain sensitivity as exercise appears to have a positive impact on neurodevelopment and could therefore serve as a potential therapeutic for treatment of pain disorders.


Kai Gu | Business

Research Interests

Gu has a genuine interest in the creation, transmission, and interpretation of accounting information in capital markets. His research investigates management behaviors in producing accounting information under different circumstances, the channels through which accounting information is disseminated to the public, stakeholders’ use of accounting information, and the relation between accounting and economics. Gu’s goal is to use his research to ultimately improve capital markets efficiencies.


Dorothy Hughes | Health, Policy, & Management PhD

Research Interests

Hughes plans to pursue health outcomes and health communications research that can be used to develop better public policy. She will research the most effective ways to communicate with patients and then suggest how state and federal policies could improve to empower healthcare professionals and patients and bring about positive delivery system change.



Justin Lyle | Mathematics

Research Interests

Lyle's research focuses on questions related to homological algebra, invariant theory, and algebraic geometry. In particular, he is interested in the relationship between Auslander-Reiten Theory and the geometry of certain classes of rings. In the past he has examined these topics from the noncommutative perspective though he is beginning to take a more commutative view. The applications of his work lie primarily in theoretical physics, most predominantly in string theory.


Nicholas Natchoo | Curriculum and Teaching

Research Interests

Natchoo is a Fulbright student from Mauritius. Before joining KU he worked as a lecturer at the Mauritius Institute of Education where he was involved in teacher education and curriculum development for Mauritian Kreol. His research interests are directed toward inclusive and mother-tongue based multilingual education in postcolonial creole societies. His project seeks to address issues related to ethnic and national identities, language ideology, and social justice in multicultural educational settings.


Erika Northcutt| Pharmacology and Toxicology

Research Interests

Erika Northcutt completed a BS in Neurobiology at the University of Kansas in 2015, where she completed three years of undergraduate research in a developmental diseases lab. As a graduate student, she is working in a neurodegenerative disease lab. Northcutt’s research centers on mitochondrial function, and how the functionality of mitochondrial proteases affects neurodegeneration in Alzheimer’s disease. Northcutt works in both cell culture and animal models, using behavioral and biochemical experiments.  After graduation, Northcutt hopes to continue work in drug development for neurodegenerative diseases.



Charles Redmon | Linguistics

Research Interests

Redmon’s research focuses on the acoustic and aerodynamic properties which define the categorical boundaries between speech sounds in different linguistic systems. His work is located primarily in South Asia, with a particular emphasis on the Indo-Aryan and Tibeto-Burman languages spoken in Northeast India. In treating sound categorization as a probabilistic process, particularly in subsets of systems whose demarcation is notably fuzzy, he hopes to build better predictive models of where phonetic structures stabilize and conversely where they shift, both cross-linguistically and language-internally through time.



Juan Pablo Román Alvarado | Spanish

Research Interests

Alvarado is researching travels and journeys in the literature and film of the northern part of South America during the 20th century, focusing on movements from the geographic and epistemological center of the countries, to its different peripheries. The research involves a reading of the mythical aspect of the individual on the road in a personal search of a logos, the reading of the elements of the world where that mythical search takes place (nature, native population territories and goods, native bodies, female bodies), and the analysis of how notions of nationality, borders, masculinity, economy, progress and power are shaped in the narrative discourses.


Alexander Taylor | History

Research Interests

Taylor studies and researches such things as the Catholic Church in late medieval/early modern England, theological controversies across Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries, the British Empire and the interchange of religion, culture, and philosophy with its various colonial possessions (India, Ireland, the United States), and is interested in the intellectual history crucial to Western Civilization, including the lives and thought of such persons as Plato, Aristotle, Origen, Augustine, Boethius, Aquinas, Thomas More, Edmund Burke, and others.


Imani Wadud| American Studies

Research Interests

Imani A. Wadud is originally from the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. She is a mother of two currently enrolled as a PhD student in the Department of American Studies at the University of Kansas. Wadud is also a recent graduate from the University of Regensburg in Germany where she received a master’s degree in European-American Studies. Her research utilizes a visual culture and performance studies analytical lens in order to gauge how community-based and participatory projects can be understood transnationally. She examines how art as social practice, as a form of political and social commentary, is firmly rooted in populist aesthetic traditions. Wadud is largely interested in its intersections between diaspora, critical improvisation studies and visual representation of performed gender, race, and identity.

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