2018 Chancellor's Fellows

In 2013, Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little announced the creation of the Chancellor’s Doctoral Fellowships, which are awarded each year to graduate students. The fellowships assist KU in obtaining its mission as a flagship university that provides advanced education to students in a range of fields. The fellowship provides a stipend of $25,000 per year, and covers tuition and fees, for up to five years of support. Students are also involved in professional development workshops and networking opportunities.

For information on the 2018 Chancellor's Fellows, please read the bios below.

Salman Rahmani | Aerospace Engineering

Research Interests

Rahmani’s previous research has involved increasing the aerodynamic efficiency of commercial trucks. During this research he lead a team to secure grant funding as well as present research at multiple national conferences.



Bethany Potter | Anthropology

Research Interests

Potter’s interests are primarily in lithics and the Paleoindian. She is also interested in investigating ways to continue generating interest in the field of archaeology.



Kelsey Ferguson |  Molecular Biosciences 

Research Interests

Ferguson’s goal is to have a career in cutting edge medical research. She has a wide range of interests in medical research, from antibiotic resistance research to improving drug delivery, and everything in between.



Alexandra Golik  | Clinical Child Psychology

Research Interests

Golik aims to become a clinical scientist who improves the lives of youth who have endured traumatic circumstances, such as terrorism, war, and humanitarian disaster. Through a culturally-sensitive lens, she focuses on examining the psychosocial and health needs, psychological effects of traumatic events, and the risk and resilience factors that influence the development of trauma-related psychopathology for young trauma survivors and their families, with a particular interest in minority groups. In addition, Golik’s aim is to develop and dissemination trauma-focused evidence-based interventions that mitigate child trauma.

Matthew Travert  | Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Research Interests

Travert has a strong interest for the evolution of body axis and particularly the formation of these axis during cnidarians life cycles. He is primarily interested in the membrane structures of jellyfish.



Jeffrey Hoover | Educational Psychology

Research Interests

Hoover has worked with a large group of researchers to examine the effects of exercise and nutrition on people with Type 2 Diabetes and Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy.



Kailani Jones  | Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 

Research Interests

Jones's research interests lie in machine learning and cybersecurity. She aspires to reduce technological vulnerabilities and increase security awareness. Currently, her research focuses on detecting online fraud.



Lisa Favicchia  | English 

Research Interests

Favicchia has been striving to become a part of the creative writing program at KU since their undergraduate career. Favicchia's ultimate goal is to become a professor teach composition, literature, and creative writing, work on the staff of a literary journal, and further pursue writing and publishing her poetry.



Matthew Blomberg​ ​| Journalism & Mass Communications

Research Interests

Blomberg is interested in the relation and consumption of traditional news and artificial public relations media materials. He became interested in the capricious nature of news stations regarding public relations materials use. Often times, news stations failed to inform viewers of their inclusion into a broadcast or provided only limited information notifying audiences when aired. Blomberg began to wonder at the impact of this on the news industry, and more importantly, on viewers.


Sheyenne Fishero | Linguistics

Research Interests

Fishero’s current research study with Professor Jessica Sturm focuses on how psychotypology, the perceived closeness of two languages, affects first language grammatical gender transfer during third language acquisition. Her independent research project involves comparing groups of participants, one group whose first language and third language both have grammatical systems with two genders, and one group whose third language has three grammatical genders, to analyze participants’ abilities to correctly identify the gender of nouns in their third language.


Iman Askari | Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests

Askari endeavors to be an expert in controls field to develop sophisticated algorithms and controllers that can control complex systems such as autonomously maneuvering robot/car. He would like to research applications that would require the use of algorithms such as Extended Kalman and particle filter to estimate parameters.

Suman Rath | Special Education

Research Interests

Rath has conducted research on crisis management as well as a literary review of crises and crisis management integration, interpretation, and research development. He wishes to focus his research on the difficulty of adults with disabilities to function in the corporate world.

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