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2018 Self Graduating Senior Fellows

Taylor George | Aerospace Engineering 

Research Interests

George's areas of interest for research are space design, specifically propulsion and structures, as well as orbital mechanics and determination. In the past, she has researched the terraforming of Mars for human habitation with the idea of eventually applying this research towards her thesis  



Margarita Nunez Arroyo | American Studies

Research Interests

Nuñez's research puts into focus media and the representation of Latina women in the United States. Nuñez is interested in portraying how Latinas demonstrate resistance to patriarchy and autonomy over their bodies through the production of different art. In past research, Nuñez has analyzed the way in which Latinx authors use their voice and creative voice to deliver narratives that express their realities, the functions of names in texts, and much more. She has also conducted work with telenovelas utilizing theory of the flesh and a feminist lens to demonstrate how the primary protagonist served as a mujer brava through trauma, resistance, and resilience. This research illustrated the importance of telenovelas in the Latinx community. It demonstrated the way in which older generations of Latinas seem to exercise a feminist conscious that puts into question the patriarchal structure of their communities. Nuñez's work also focuses on demonstrating the form that different art work, such as testimonio, can serve as a form of self healing and curanderismo for Latina women.



Sebastian Huayamares | Bioengineering

Research Interests

Huayamares's research interests are around the design and synthesis of nanocomposite implants for controlled and localized drug delivery. Previously he has investigated the use of stem cells and bioactive hydrogels as scaffolds to promote bone regeneration in the Tissue Engineering Lab. He has also researched the synthesis of an electrospun biocompatible fibrous scaffold to culture fibroblasts and myocytes in the KU Medical Center. Further, as a Math major, he designed a partial differential equation to model the proliferation and differentiation of stem cells in biomimetic scaffolds and approximated its solution using the Finite Element Method and MATLAB. Huayamares hopes to use his experience to innovate in the area of biopharmaceuticals and drug delivery while adding some computational and modeling aspects to his research.  



Breta Horton | Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering 

Research Interests

Horton's masters studies are focused on renewable energy design and building power systems. She has previously done research in alternative energy vehicles and hydrogen storage, and is now working on a project based degree.



Chad Uhl | Classics 

Research Interests

Uhl is a masters student in Classics at the University of Kansas. His research interests focus on Latin epic and poetry, ancient religion, numismatics, and digital research methodologies. Specifically, Uhl is interested in the use of text-mining for literary analysis of Augustan age poetry.



Paige Hansen | Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Research Interests

Hansen is broadly interested in soil microbial ecology. More specifically, she is interested in how climate change and land use conversion alters soil fungal and bacterial community composition, both at the soil's surface and deep underground. Hansen is also interested in how these compositional shifts can impact plant communities and biogeochemical cycling. Her past past research has focused on developing a novel technique of quantifying microbial abundance, and quantifying fungal response to disturbances such as controlled burns.



Alexander Burdge | English

Research Interests

Burdge's research focuses on environmental representation in contemporary American fiction, with an emphasis on speculative works that leverage the 'uncanny' to engage with the concept of nature and its relationship to humanity. Drawing theoretically on psychoanalysis, German idealism, Marxism, and the aesthetics of the sublime, he is particularly interested in probing the limits of human perception as it opens onto a world at once more wondrous and yet profoundly alien, as well as the implications of this shift for environmental ethics and politics.  



Frank Kim | Intercampus Program in Communicative Disorders

Research Interests

Kim's research interests include speech perception and bilingualism. His prior research in the field has investigated categorical perception of phonemes in Spanish-English bilinguals, in particular, how bilingual perceivers of speech accommodate for crosslinguistic differences in how pairs of contrastive speech sounds are delineated. Kim has also collaborated with researchers in cultural psychology to study the influence of political orientation on collective memory of Brown vs. Board of Education and the civil rights movement in the US.  



Jacob Kendall | Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests

Kendall's' research interests are focused on continuum mechanics and finite element methods. He aims to research how to improve the modeling of fluid-solid interaction through the use of continuum and finite element theory. Kendall's' hope is to provide a more powerful and accurate tool for engineers to use in industry.



Holden Zimmerman  | Museum Studies

Research Interests

Zimmerman's research interests are on museum studies with a focus on modern Europe, specifically humanitarianism during the twentieth century. Her interests include the viability of humanitarianism as a form of foreign policy and the experiences of individuals receiving humanitarian aid in wartime. She hopes to explore the ways in which humanitarianism and human rights have evolved within the sphere of international relations and globalization more broadly, as well as their representation in museums today.  



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