Argersinger Dissertation Awardees

2018 Gopolang Mohlabeng Physics and Astronomy Charting the Unknown: A Hunt in the Dark
2018 Benjamin Rogers Political Science The Best Subset in Validation Algorithm: Testing Political Scientific Theory Via Predictive Analytics
2017 Rachel Bowes Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Temporal Analysis of River Food Webs
2017 Renee Harris English Reading Romanticism: Keats, Embodied Cognition, and the Work of Affect
2016 Melinda Landeck History Aesthetic Authorities: The Socio-Political Dimensions of Warlord Tea Praxis in Early Modern Japan, 1573-1860
2016 Venkata Raviteja Yarlagadda Chemical & Petroleum Engineering Modeling and Experimental Studies to Optimize the Performance of a Hydrogen-Bromine Fuel Cell
2015 William Sanders Mathematics Categorical and Homological Aspects of Module Theory over Commutative Rings
2015 Benjamin Rutt Psychology and Research in Education The Effectiveness of Cognitive Processing Therapy and Prolonged Exposure in the Department of Veterans Affairs
2014 Christopher Robinson American Studies Firing the Canon: Multiple Insularities in Jazz Criticism
2014 Randall Logan Pharmaceutical Chemistry Studies on the Mechanisms and Consequences of Drug-induced Perturbations of Lysosomal Structure and Function
2013 Ryan Gibb Political Science The Politics of Land Reform in Uganda
2013 Anastasia Aleksandrova Cell Biology & Anatomy Tissue-Level Mechanisms Driving Cardiac Progenitor and Extracellular Matrix Movements During Early Vertebrate Heart Development
2012 Halle O'Neal Art History Written stūpa, painted sūtra: Relationships of text and image in the construction of meaning in the Japanese jeweled-stūpa mandalas
2012 Kathryn Mickle Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Unraveling the systematics of palaeoniscoid fishes - Lower actinopterygians in need of a complete phylogenetic revision
2011 Nathan Dormer Bioengineering Osteochondral Interface Tissue Engineering using Macroscopic Gradients for Physichemical Signals
2011 Hsueh-Chin Huang Economics An Evaluation of Skilled Immigration in the United States
2010 Kristen Epps History Bound Together: Masters and Slaves on the Kansas-Missouri Border, 1825-1865
2010 Michael Szostak Medicinal Chemistry Synthesis and Reactivity of Medium-Bridged Twisted Lactams
2009 Cathy Collins Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Population and community responses to anthropogenic environmental change
2009 Catherine Siengusukon Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Science Sleep to Learn After Stroke: The Role of Sleep and Instruction in Off-line Motor Learning
2008 Michelle Moseley Christian Art History Seventeenth-Century Dutch and Flemish Genre-Portraiture
2008 Liza Holeski Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Quantitative trait evolution in Mimulus guttatus (yellow monkey flower)
2007 Mark Hersey History My Vision is that of Conservation: The Environmental Vision of George Washington Carver
2007 Christina Stauffer Medicinal Chemistry Total Synthesis and Structure-Activity Relationship Studies of Antifungal Peptidyl Nucleoside Antibiotics
2006 Brandon Turunen Medicinal Chemistry Anticancer Natural Products: Synthesis and Enabling Methodologies
2006 Leslie Bayers Spanish & Portuguese Voice, Visuality, and Performance: Alternative Expression in Contemporary Peruvian Poetry
2005 Dilip Natarajan Chemical & Petroleum Engineering Experimental and Modeling Studies on the Spatiotemporal Current Density in a PEM Fuel Cell
2005 Sara Running Danger English Transforming Images: Victorian Women Writers, Popular Images, and the Literary Marketplace
2004 Wensheng He Chemical & Petroleum Engineering Two-phase flow and electrode flooding in Proton-Exchange-Membrane fuel cell electrodes
2004 Travis Wade Linguistics Acoustic Variability and Perceptual Learning of Nonnative-accented Speech Sounds
2003 Pannirselvam Kanagaratnam Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Airborne Radar for High-Resolution Mapping of Internal Layers in Glacial Ice to Estimate Accumulation Rate
2003 Christopher Wiethoff Pharmaceutical Chemistry Structural and Functional Analysis of Nonviral Gene Delivery Systems
2002 Elaine Calahan Hollensbe Business An Ethnographic Study of the Interrelationship of Identity and Team Sense-Making
2002 Karen Padden Chemistry Immobilization of Metal Complexes in Porous Organic Hosts: A Spectroscopic Examination of Site Structure and Development of Materials for the Storage and Release of Nitric Oxide
2002 Christopher L. Shaffer Medicinal Chemistry Enzymatic N-Dealkylation of a Cyclopropylamine, Fate of the Cyclopropyl Moiety and Its Mechanistic Implications
2001 Kevin Tyler Sprott Chemistry Synthetic Methods to New Organophosphorus Compounds: Transition Metal-Catalyzed Approaches
2001 Mary Sarah Linn Linguistics A Grammar of Euchee (Yuchi)
2001 Heying Jenny Zhan Sociology The Inverted Pyramid: Chinese Familial Elder Care in the Era of the One-Child Policy and Economic Reform
2000 Randall R. Griffey Art History Marsden Hartley’s Late Paintings: American Masculinity and National Identity in the 1930s and ‘40s
2000 Debbie Jeanette LeRoux Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Potential influence of carbon import and carboxylating enzymes on carbon isotopic ratios in C3 species
2000 Pierre Olivier Souillac Pharmaceutical Chemistry Calorimetric and spectroscopic evaluation of protein/carbohydrate and protein/protein interactions
2000 Shawn Michael Stone Physics & Astronomy Investigation of the magnetosphere of Ganymede with Galileo's energetic particle detector
1999 Kristine Frank Medicinal Chemistry Synthesis of N-Cycloproply Fluoroquinolones and Synthetic Studies Toward the Total Synthesis of the Martinellines
1999 Jeffrey Krise Pharmaceutical Chemistry A Novel Prodrug Approach for Tertiary Amines: Synthesis and Evaluation of N-Phosphonooxymethyl Derivatives
1999 Uwe Reising Political Science Taking European Integration to the Streets: A Comparative Analysis of European Protest in Belgium, the Federal Republic of Germany, and France 1980-1995
1999 Taku Hagiwara Special Education Multimedia Social Story Intervention for Students with Autism
1998 Tonya Dombrowski Chemistry The Identification and Isolation of Organic Contaminants in Ground Water at Rocky Mountain Arsenal: A Systematic Analytical Approach
1998 Cynthia Ingham History With Great Liberty: Virginia's Denominational Character in the Late Eighteenth Century
1998 Fred Besthorn Social Welfare Reconceptualizing Social Work's Person-in-Environment Perspective: Explorations in Radical Environmental Thought
1997 Peter Gillett Business A comparative study of audit evidence and audit planning models using uncertain reasoning 
1997 Maureen Godman English Four studies in concealment: Holbein, Marlowe, Shakespeare, Donne
1996 Kamal Egodage Chemistry Designing antibodies to defined epitopes: immunoassays as structural and analytical probes
1996 Tod Marshall English The Provinces of Poetry
1995 L. William Kueper III Chemistry Chemistry and Light 
1995 Ana Choucino Spanish & Portuguese Radicalizar e interrogar los limites: Poesia Mexicana, 1970-1990
1994 Ajay Madan Pharmacology and Toxicology Drug metabolizing enzymes in the bioactivation of disulfiram to S-methyl N,N-diethylthiolcarbamate sulfoxide 
1994 Linda P. Ware Special Education Innovative instructional practices: a naturalistic study of the structural and cultural conditions of change
1993 Michael A. Letavic Chemistry Lewis Acid-Mediated Reactions of 1.4-Benzoquinones
1993 Dean Hill Katerndahl Sociology Intercity Class Segregation in U.S. Metropolitan Areas
1992 Yanan Zhang Chemistry Investigations of Potentially Implantable Glucose Sensors
1992 Jill Kruger-Robbins Spanish Illusory Forms: The Poetry of Guillermo Carnero
1991 Elizabeth Campbell English The Social Context of the Epistolary Novel: A Critical Study With Exemplum, A Letter to Zenobia
1991 Jonathan Paretsky Germanic Languages & Literatures Isaac Bashevis Singer’s short fiction and the function of the fantastic
1991 Michael Wolfe Medicinal Chemistry Carbocyclic Nucleosides as Inhibitors of S-Adenosyl-L-Homocysteine Hydrolase: the Design and Synthesis of Potential Antiviral Agents
1991 John Koprowski Systematics & Ecology The evolution of sociality in tree squirrels: the comparative behavioral ecology of fox squirrels and eastern gray squirrels
1990 Andrew Lottes Chemistry A mechanistic study of the unimolecular reactions of carbonyl ylides derived from the catalyzed decomposition of ethyl diazoacetate in the presence of enolizable and non-enolizable ketones
1990 Randy Gordon English Dramatic deconstruction: The plays of Sam Shepard
1989 Kwangshi Yang Chemistry  
1988 Janey Levy Art History The Last Judgment in early Netherlandish painting: faith, authority, and charity in the fifteenth century
1987 Barbara Michael Anthropology Cows, bulls, and gender roles: pastoral strategies for survival and continuity in western Sudan
1986 William Berenson Educational Policy & Administration Emerson and Self-Education: A Jungian Analysis
1985 Michael Mullican Medicinal Chemistry New Aromatic Annulation Methods: Total Syntheses of Juncusol, Sendaverine, and Morphine-Related Analgesics
1984 Patricia Elizabeth Sink Music Education & Music Therapy Effects of rhythmic and melodic alterations and selected musical experiences on rhythmic processing
1983 Herbert Haines Sociology Radical Flank Effects and Black Collective Action: 1954-1970
1982 Judith Thompson English The Significance of Memory, Myth, and Symbol in the Plays of Tennessee Williams: A Recurrent Structural Pattern
1981 William W. Davis Philosophy Analogy and mental representation : a solution to the mind-body problem based on the philosophy of Wilfrid Sellars
1980 Karen Booker Linguistics Comparative Muskogean: Aspects of Proto-Muskogean verb morphology
1979 Mark Staples Biochemistry The nature of the bifunctional hisB enzyme of Salmonella typhimurium

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