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Mission-critical resources
Though library facilities are closed to the public, KU Libraries remain committed to providing the KU community access to mission-critical resources and services.
To assist faculty and graduate students in transitioning toward and implementing online instruction at KU, KU Libraries are offering several ways in which to connect:

Access to Watson Library
From Monday through Friday, Watson Library is offering minimal on-site and essential services to KU students who are in urgent need. Building access can be arranged between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Please note that building doors are locked. Anyone needing to enter Watson will be asked to call the desk upon arrival (785-864-8983), at which point library staff will grant access to the building through the main entrance.

Technology for Students
KU is committed to supporting your educational goals during this time of change. We encourage you to both participate in distance education and access many library resources from your home. You are also allowed to access university wi-fi from a personal vehicle parked on campus. Those who need access to internet service or computer hardware should reach out to KU Information Technology on the Lawrence campus and on the KU Edwards Campus for guidance and assistance. Several internet service providers are also offering service at no-cost, low-cost or with waived fees.

As a last resort, those of you who need urgent computer access will be allowed entry to the Watson Library computer lab, which has been reconfigured to support appropriate physical distancing and frequent cleanings. These few select computer workstations will be available for KU student use in support of online course work Monday through Friday, during limited hours (10 a.m. - 6 p.m.). Computer workstations may be reserved using our calendar reservation system.

KU Libraries are here to support KU graduate students’ crucial teaching, learning, and research efforts, and to help you navigate this adjustment to an online environment. Throughout this transition and for the rest of the semester, you will find an updated and complete list of services and resources at

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COVID-19 Updates and Information

Find additional resources regarding online teaching & learning during the COVID-19 outbreak at REMOTE.KU.EDU.

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