Grading & Exams


  • There is no policy change for grade changes to CR/NC for graduate students (except an extension of the deadline). 
  • Courses graded credit/no credit may be taken in a graduate program only if the course is not needed to fulfill hours toward the satisfaction of requirements. No course graded credit/no credit can count toward the satisfaction of the requirements for a graduate degree or a graduate certificate, except in the School of Law.
  • Graduate students will choose to receive either the letter grade recorded by the instructor OR a CR/NC designation by the deadline. Faculty will grade students as usual during the semester, and submit the letter grade (A-F, I) to the University Registrar following the standard submission process.
  • Gradaute students can work with their advisor to use INC in approproate circumstances.
  • Thesis and Research hours should be graded with respect to each student's ability to preform research in light of campus and laboratory closure. 

Master's & Doctoral Exams

Remote work will necessarily change our approach to master’s and doctoral exams. Existing rules requiring in-person attendance at milestone exams (e.g., thesis and dissertation defenses) are suspended and milestone exams may be conducted remotely through the end of the fall 2020 semester. During Kansas’ stay-at-home order, no participants should attend an exam in person—all individuals should participate using mediated means (video-conferencing). Once the state deems it safe to lift the stay-at-home order, students should work with their committee and all should use their discretion in evaluating whether some or all individuals should participate in the exam remotely. In cases where the student prefers for all committee members to be physically present, the student's preference shall be honored. However, this preference may require rescheduling and therefore delay progress to degree. 

If students are living in Lawrence, KU Libraries has made a private room available in which students can conduct their exams, including a whiteboard and stable WIFI. Please contact Jeromy Horkman to schedule an exam in Watson Library.

All participants in an exam involving remote participation must be fully aware of what is transpiring and fully able to participate in all components of the discussion with the student and each other. Any material presented during the examinations orally or in writing must be seen and heard by all participants. Oral examinations that do not meet these participation requirements are not valid. A student's milestone outcome will not be influenced by any proceedings that take place without the full engagement of all participants. If a committee member has not arrived, the exam may not begin; if a committee member leaves, the exam may not proceed. 

When conduting exams remotely, it is very important to adjust Zoom settings for all participants to prevent Zoom bombing. 

A Guide for Using Zoom to Facilitate Your Final Defense

Advising staff in the College have developed instructions (PDF) for graduating students to present their final defense utilizing Zoom. Other Zoom resources are available for committee meetings, comprehensive exams, etc. on the KU Zoom website


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COVID-19 Updates and Information

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