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Graduate study at KU prepares students as innovators and leaders who are ready to meet the demands of the academy, of industry, of government, and of our global society.

KU is a great place to pursue a graduate degree. We invite you to explore our graduate degree programs, resources, people and community. Graduate education is central to KU’s mission of learning, scholarship and creative activity. With 11 programs ranked in the top 10 among public universities and 48 ranked among the top 50, you will find a program that will prepare you as a professional in your discipline. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about our programs.

Graduate Studies Organization

Office of the Vice Provost for Graduate Studies

The Vice Provost's Office provides services to all graduate students and graduate programs at KU, including support for professional development, academic affairs, scholarships, fellowships, and awards.

Office of Graduate Admissions

The Office of Graduate Admissions guides applicants to information on graduate programs at KU, processes applications for admissions to graduate programs, and assists graduate programs in creating and managing new student enrollment.

Office of Graduate Military Programs

The Office of Graduate Military Programs assists military service members in obtaining advanced civilian educational degrees and acts as the liaison between KU and the United States Armed Offices.

The Madison & Lila Self Graduate Fellowship

The Madison & Lila Self Graduate Fellowship identifies, recruits, and provides funding and development opportunities for exceptional Ph.D. students in business, economics, engineering, mathematics, and biological, biomedical, pharmaceutical, and physical sciences

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