Applicant References

Most graduate programs at KU require letters of recommendation for their applicants and have incorporated online letters of recommendation as part of their application.

You will be asked on page 5 of the application for the names and email addresses of your references. Once you submit the application, emails will be sent to your recommenders giving them instructions about completing their recommendation.

If you are not prompted for information about your recommenders on page 5 of the application, this means the program you are applying to does not accept letters of recommendation online or the program does not require letters of recommendation for admission. If you have any questions about your department’s requirements please contact them directly.

If your recommender is unable to fill out the online form, please fill out the top portion of this form and give it to your recommender. The form and letter should be emailed to

If you need to send your recommenders a reminder, you may do so on your Check Application Status page.


For Recommenders

Here are instructions for filling out the online Letter of Recommendation:

1. Once the applicant has submitted his/her application, you will receive an email with the subject line “Request for Reference” from the University of Kansas (email = For those with strict filters on their email Inbox, please check your Junk mail folder if you are unable to locate the email.

2. The email will contain a link to the electronic form

If you have never used the CollegeNET Letters of Recommendation system, please click “Create an Account.” Your name and email address should already be in the top fields. You will be asked to create a password. The password must be at least 8 characters long.

If you have previously used the CollegeNET Letter of Recommendation system you will log in with your established email address and password.

3. Once logged in look for the name of applicant under “Not Started.” See examples below:

4. In the grey box, please note whether the applicant has or has not waived his/her right to view the recommendation. If you agree, press “Accept.”

5. Once you select “Accept”, you will be taken to the online form. The applicant’s information will be listed in the top box. Please fill out the remainder of the form.

6. After the “Rating Section” you will be asked to upload a written evaluation (letter).

7. Click on “Browse” to find the document on your computer.

8. Once you have selected and uploaded the document a preview of the attached document will automatically be generated. When you have verified the document click “Close” in the upper left hand corner of the preview box.

9. Fill in the “About You” section and press “Submit.”

10. If there is missing information when you hit “Submit” you will see the following screen:

The fields that are missing will be highlighted. Fill in the missing fields and select “Submit these changes.”

11. If your recommendation has been submitted correctly you will see the following:

You may either go back to the Letters of Recommendation homepage or Log Out.

You will receive an email confirmation with subject line “Thank you for completing the online recommendation” from the University of Kansas -

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