Self Graduating Senior Fellowship

The Madison and Lila Self Graduating Senior Fellowship recognizes outstanding graduating undergraduate seniors from the University of Kansas “who are judged to possess the potential to make significant contributions to society that are beyond the bounds of normal expectations.” The Fellowship recipients will be students who demonstrate “individual achievement in leadership and scholarship” and possess “the ability to envision and attain goals that require exceptional energy and tenacity.” A recipient, identified as a Self Graduating Senior Fellow, will have been accepted into a master’s or doctoral degree program covered under the policies of the Office of Graduate Studies at the University of Kansas. 
The Madison and Lila Self Graduating Senior Fellowship will provide both scholarship funding to recipient students and an appropriate level of support for leadership and career development programming for the recipients. Domestic and international students are eligible. The recipients may be from any area of study at the University, must demonstrate the potential to complete their undergraduate degree, and have been admitted into a graduate program at the University of Kansas (master’s or doctoral level).  Students are eligible to be considered for a fellowship if they are a recent August, December, or upcoming May graduate.  This Fellowship may not be used to support students admitted as non-degree seeking graduate students or solely into graduate certificate programs. Those students who are selected to be funded by the Self Graduate Fellowship or a Chancellor’s Doctoral Fellowship are not eligible. 
The recipients for the Fellowship will be selected through a nomination/application process in the Spring prior to matriculation in a graduate program the following Fall semester.
The award will be in the amount of $10,000 with half payable to the student’s account as a scholarship at the beginning of the first semester of enrollment in the graduate program (Fall), and half payable at the beginning of the second semester of enrollment (Spring).  Receipt of the funds is dependent on full-time course enrollment (typically 6 to 9 credit hours per semester appropriate for the degree program) and appropriate progress toward the designated degree. Support may be discontinued upon failure to complete the terms of the Fellowship. The Fellowship is only for the first year of graduate studies at the University of Kansas and is not renewable.
The number of Fellows awarded will be dependent on the pool of expendable funds and the number of applicants who meet qualification criteria. The dollar amount for the award may be changed one year in advance on recommendation of the oversight committee to the Chancellor and Provost. 
The Fellowship funding may be combined with other funding as provided by the graduate program/department or School/College for stipend and tuition payments as a Graduate Assistant, Graduate Teaching Assistant, or Graduate Research Assistant. 
Professional development programming will be provided to the Fellowship recipients in the Fall and Spring of the initial year in their graduate program.  This programming will serve to enhance the Fellowship recipients’ ability to succeed in graduate education and in terms of their “vision of their future potential professional careers.”  To achieve this goal of the Fellowship, the recipients will commit to attending in-person, monthly workshops. Topics vary, but may include presentations on leadership, effective mentor-mentee relationships, writing and publishing, grant preparation, public speaking, translating scholarship to the public, policy advocacy, networking, and preparing to enter current labor markets. Spring semester funding will be contingent upon satisfactory participation in the fall activities and progress toward graduate degree completion. 
Nomination/application process:
To nominate a student please select the nominating information through ADMIT (on the tab labeled "Self Graduating Senior Fellowship" in the applicant's record) and complete the nomination form. This tab is within the top-level administrative pool for each program/department; a pool usually restricted to administrative users (staff, some graduate directors, etc). If you are a faculty member and do not have access to this pool, please check with the graduate admission staff in your unit. Otherwise, email for access. 
Each program/department may nominate one student.
Candidates must have demonstrated their success as an undergraduate student at the University of Kansas and potential for success in graduate education through acceptance by a master’s or doctoral program at the University. The candidates for the Fellowship should be endorsed by their degree programs/departments based on their “individual achievement in leadership and scholarship” and “ability to envision and attain goals that require exceptional energy and tenacity.” KU students in “4+1” programs are eligible for this Fellowship provided they have been admitted into the graduate component via the KU Office of Graduate Admissions. 
The deadline for nominations is February 13, 2019. DEADLINE EXTENDED: now accepting nominations until February 25, 2019.
The Madison and Lila Self Graduating Senior Fellowship will be administered by the Office of Graduate Studies and overseen by an Oversight Committee chaired by the Dean of Graduate Studies with membership of University Administrators appointed by the Provost and approved by the Chancellor: 
- Dean, Graduate Studies (Chair)
- 3 Associate Deans responsible for graduate affairs from the Schools or the College (on a rotation)
The Madison and Lila Self Graduating Senior Fellowship is made possible through the generosity and commitment to the University of Kansas of Mr. and Mrs. Self. The Fellowship is intended to fulfill their vision for recognizing and supporting highly successful undergraduates from KU when embarking on their graduate education and training at the University.