The University of Kansas is an international comprehensive research university that seeks to generate, organize, and disseminate knowledge through research, scholarship, and teaching. The Office of Graduate Studies emphasizes that concepts and implementation of diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential to achieve this mission of the University in order to meet the needs of the state, the nation, and the world. Inherent in this is the recognition that graduate students and graduates with advanced degrees contribute in multiple ways to building a civilized society, creating jobs and economic growth, improving health and well-being, and gaining a better understanding of the world around us and our history. This mission can only be achieved through a firm commitment to enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the orienting philosophy and supportive activities for graduate students.

The Office of Graduate Studies is committed to recruiting, retaining, and supporting graduate students in the full range of disciplines and degree programs in the Schools and the College. The units in Graduate Studies partner with multiple graduate programs and departments to seek and enhance institutional and financial resources to recruit, admit, support, mentor and nurture, and retain talented graduate students who will utilize their advanced education, knowledge, and skills to resolving societal issues and critical problems in our world to the fullest extent. This is particularly essential for students have been historically underrepresented in higher education and who bring a range of experience, cultural awareness, and perspectives to the university’s activities of learning and scholarship. To this end, the Office works with graduate departments and programs for the recruitment, retention, and funding of underrepresented minority graduate students to give greater attention to and to garner improved resources for enhancing diversity in the graduate student body.

The Office of Graduate Studies joins with the Chancellor, Provost, and Schools and the College in their statements of commitment to responding to the needs of society and to creating an inclusive and caring environment that recruits and retains graduate students who bring diversity and excellence to graduate education.

University of Kansas Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

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