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Doctoral Hooding Ceremony Frequently Asked Questions

Who is required to have a ticket for the Doctoral Hooding Ceremony?

All guests require tickets. Please note, the ceremony could be up to 3 hours long, so children who may want their own seats need tickets. However, infants held in a lap for the entire ceremony do not require a ticket. We expect a full auditorium and anticipate needing all seats for ticketed guests. Seating is general admission.

Why do I only get 4 tickets?

The Lied Center offers 1,892 seats, and with a limited seating capacity, we receive hundreds more ticket requests than available seats.

How can someone who didn't receive a ticket view the ceremony?

The Doctoral Hooding Ceremony will be streamed online

How will I know if my name will be in the program?

All summer and fall 2016 graduates will have their names included in the Doctoral Hooding Ceremony program. Only spring and summer 2017 doctoral candidates who apply to graduate by March 1, 2017 will have their names included in the Doctoral Hooding Ceremony program.

How can I request an accommodation for my guest?

If any guests need an accommodation, the Lied Center has a variety of seating options that do not involve stairs. It is recommended that guests in need of an accommodation arrive early to be able to select the area that best suits them (close to an exit or an aisle, toward the middle, or toward the back). Lied Center staff will be on hand to direct guests to the appropriate seating areas.

Where do I pick up tickets if I am a graduate of a Medical Center program?

Graduates of Medical Center programs may pick up their tickets at The Office of Graduate Studies on the Medical Center Campus. The office is located at 5015 Wescoe Pavilion. 

Where do I meet my faculty hooder?

Locate your faculty hooder in the line-up area for your school/College. Be certain to communicate in advance with the faculty member who will hood you to determine where you plan to meet. Please do not meet your faculty hooder in the lobby. Wait with your faculty hooder for the procession to begin.

Will there be a space to leave bags and purses?

There is no secure space to leave a bag or purse, and graduates may not sit in the same seat throughout the ceremony. We recommend leaving bags and purses at home or in the car, and making sure you have a pocket for a cell phone.