Fall 2020 3MT

Fall 2020 3MT Competition

The Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) is an academic research communication competition that  challenges graduate students to present a compelling speech about their research and its significance to non-academic persons in just three minutes using only one presentation image. The goals of the competition are to (1) highlight the excellent research conducted by graduate students and (2) improve graduate students’ communication of research to non-specialist and non-academic audiences. The judges of the competition are educated professionals in a variety of positions in corporate, government, and non-profit industries.

KU's  2020 3MT® Competition heats take place October 26-October 30. The finals will take place November 9–13.


1st Place Award


2nd Place Award


People's Choice Award


List of Finalists


List of Participants | Preliminary Heats

  • Sana Akhter
    Doctoral Student in Computational Biology
    Molecular dynamics simulation approach to study Spinal Muscular Atrophy in presence of drug lead SMN-C2
  • James Alexander
    Doctoral Student in Music
    Syncretism in Vietnamese Art Music
  • Isaac Allred
    Doctoral Student in Geology
    Mountains rose and sea-level fell: A 317 million-year-old story recorded by detrital zircons
  • Marta Carvajal Regidor
    Doctoral Student in Curriculum and Instruction
    A Case Study of Language Ideologies and  Languaging Practices in an Intensive English Program Classroom 
  • Giordanno Castro Garcia
    Master's Student in Computer Science
    Can AI Help Us Develop Better Catalysts?
  • Pietro De Mello
    Doctoral Student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
    What Makes the World Colorful? The Genomic Basis of Reptilian Coloration
  • Rachel Doyle
    Doctoral Student in Clinical Child Psychology 
    Indicators of Suicidal Outcomes Among 6 to 12-Year-Old Treatment Seeking Youth
  • Kelsey Fortin
    Doctoral Student in Health, Sport Management, and Exercise Science 
    Hunger and Health: What is the acceptability and approach of health coaching in the food pantry environment? 
  • Tianna Gilliam
    Master's Student in Music Education
    Stand By Me: Chorister Standing Arrangements
  • Elizabeth Grotemeyer
    Doctoral Student in Chemistry
    Using Small Molecules to Understand How Nature Uses Oxygen
  • Megan Hamilton
    Doctoral Student in Bioengineering
    Hydrogel Beads Provide a New Treatment Option for those Suffering from Knee Pain
  • Emma Hauser
    Doctoral Student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
    Roots: Earth's underground economists
  • Yuri Lee
    Doctoral Student in Chemisty
    Reactivity studies on biomimetic manganese complex
  • Snehal Mahadik
    Doctoral Student in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology 
    Getting wired: Making the final connections
  • Melania Piedra-Barrera
    Doctoral Student in Educational Leadership and Policy
    Experiences of collaboration in online learning communities
  • Michelle Proulx
    Master's Student in Geology
    Got Bones? Geophysical Imaging of Paleostratigraphy and Searching for Bones
  • Punam Rawal
    Doctoral Student in Pharmacology and Toxicology 
    Regulation of microglial homeostasis by Clusterin
  • Julien Sperling
    Doctoral Student in Communication Studies
    Fan (dis)identification: A critical case study of identification, race, and team symbolism 
  • Suma Suswaram
    Doctoral Student in Speech and Languge Pathology
    Complex Communication Skills and Parent Behaviors
  • Sarah Tackett
    Doctoral Student in Health, Sport Management, and Exercise Science 
    Exploring the influences of off-field violence and violent sport athletes
  • Maria Tickerhoof
    Master's Student in Pharmacology and Toxicology 
    She Loves Me, He Loves Me Not: Investigating the Impact of Stress on Social Bonding
  • Susan Tilbury
    Master's Student in Music Therapy 
    Grove Is In the Heart: Rhythm in the treatment of Anxiety Disorders
  • Wenjun Yang
    Doctoral Student in Geography 
    Geospatial Data Conflation: Matching and Merging Areal Features

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