Federal Aid

KU’s Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships offers funding sources to graduate students, and these sources include more than just loans. To take advantage of these opportunities, domestic students fill out the FAFSA and international students fill out the ISNAW (see below).

File Your FAFSA

To take advantage of these funding sources, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the March 1st priority date. The application does not take long to complete.

  • KU’s Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships has instructions on how to apply and tutorials to guide you through the application process – start with video #1, “FAFSA Overview.” Please note that the academic year discussed in the video may be a previous year but the instructions and information on the FAFSA filing process is still valid.
  • To complete the FAFSA, you will need your Federal Student Aid ID (FSA ID). If you do not have an FSA ID, you can apply for one online. It can take up to 3 days to receive an ID, so plan accordingly.
  • Please include KU’s school code, 001948, on the FAFSA so KU will receive your application data.
  • If you have already filed your tax return with the IRS, use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (IRS DRT) and it will fill out portions of your FAFSA for you. Learn more about IRS DRT.
  • You may use the same FSA ID to file the online FAFSA or Renewal FAFSA each year. This FSA ID may also be used to sign Federal Direct Loan Promissory Notes and view online federal financial aid information.
Adjustments to Your FAFSA
By attending graduate school, you may have changes in income or expenses not reported on your FAFSA. If so, you may request a Special Circumstances Re-Evaluation. Examples of special circumstances could include loss of income, childcare expenses, transportation expenses associated with commuting, or moving expenses. Additionally, a Childcare Grant may be available for students with dependent children. Details related to filing a Special Circumstances Re-Evaluation Request are available.
Aid For International Students
International students submit the International Students Needs Analysis Worksheet (ISNAW) to determine eligibility for need-based financial awards. Use the ISNAW form to apply for the KU International Student Tuition Grant or to confirm eligibility for scholarships. Scan the KU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships forms webpage to find the ISNAW.
Financial Aid for Summer
If you are interested in financial aid for summer classes, the Summer Request for Financial Aid form will be available on the KU Financial Aid and Scholarships website in mid-February.
More Funding Information and Forms
KU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships has information on a variety of other loans and grants. Go to their forms webpage to download forms and instructions on how to apply.
The KU office of Financial Aid and Scholarships has experienced Financial Aid Advisors available to talk with you about financial aid programs. Please contact them if you have questions.

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