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Graduate Application Process Overview

General Information:

Individuals interested in pursuing graduate programs on KU's Lawrence and Edwards campuses should apply for admission online. To ensure adequate time for review of their applications, interested individuals should check with their desired program(s) for specific application deadlines. Individuals interested in studying on the KU Medical Center campus in Kansas City should review the information on the KUMC Admissions page.

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The Online Graduate Application is comprised of several pages. Each page asks applicants to provide specific information for the admissions committee's review and evaluation. The Online Graduate Application is customized for each program and department, so applicants will only be asked for information that is directly relevant to their preparedness for advanced study in their chosen fields. In general, the Application asks for the following kinds of information:

  • Biographical information
  • Educational background
  • Immigration information (if applicable)

Supplemental Documentation

In addition, applicants may need to upload additional documents for consideration as part of their application. Documents that may be required at the time of application include transcripts for previous post-secondary education, letters of recommendation, standardized test scores, or other items as determined by the department.

University-Wide Requirements

To pursue graduate study at KU, all applicants must provide proof of English proficiency at a level appropriate to graduate study and proof of a completed bachelor's degree granted by a regionally-accredited U.S. institution or a substantially equivalent degree from outside the U.S. Please review specific information about these requirements on the Transcripts and English Proficiency pages of this site.

Departmental Requirements

Departments may require additional supplementary documentation, as appropriate to the applicant's chosen field of study. Departments may require transcripts of all prior post-secondary education, letters of recommendation, or standardized test scores. Interested individuals should contact their chosen departments for specific information about the materials required for a complete admission application.

Admissions Decisions

The Office of Graduate Admissions notifies each applicant, in writing, of the admission decision. The notification letter clearly explains the admission classification (e.g., regular, provisional, non-degree-seeking, etc.). For all admission catgories, enrollment in specific courses may be subject to fulfillment of departmental couse prerequisites and consent of the instructor.

Limitations on Admission

Because of limitations of space, faculty, or general resources for research and instruction, some programs must restrict the number of applicants they admit. Questions should be address to the program to which an individual wishes to apply.

Admission and Candidacy

Admission to graduate study does not imply admission to candidacy for a higher degree. A student becomes a candidate for an advanced degree only by demonstrating through resident study at KU the requisite preparation and ability. Requirements specified for an advanced degree must be regarded as minimum requirements. Additional requirements depend on the student's undergraduate preparation and the particular field of graduate work chosen.

Deferred Admission

After an absence of one year from KU, students must re-apply for admission to their graduate programs and to the appropriate graduate division. In some circumstanced, admitted applicants may defer their admission for up to one year, at the discretion of the admitting department.

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