Admission to Graduate Study
Application and Admission to a Doctoral Program
Admissions Procedures and Plan of Study for Dual-Title Ph.D. Programs
Degrees, Graduate Studies
English Proficiency Requirements for Admission to Graduate Study
Application and Tuition Fees for Graduate Students
Departmental Use of Graduate Application Fees
Transcripts (chart)


Academic Probation
Discontinued Enrollment
Dismissed Enrollment
Full-time Enrollment
Graduate Coursework Expiration Dates
Graduate Credit
Leave of Absence
Permit to Re-enroll Policy (chart)
Good Academic Standing
Progress to Degree Policy
Seniors and Graduate Study (Co-enrollment)
Tuition and Fees for Graduate Students
Undergraduate Student Enrollment in Graduate Level Courses
KULC Academic Accommodation for New Parents (Form)

Master's Degree

M.A. & M.S. Degrees
Master's Degree Program Time Constraints
Master's Degree Requirements
Master's Enrollment Requirements
Master's Final Exams
Master’s Student Oral Exam Committee Composition
Graduate Student Oral Exam Attendance
Posthumous Award of Degrees
Embargo Policy for Theses and Dissertations
Master's Thesis Submission and Publication

Doctoral Degree

Doctor of Philosophy
Dual-Title Doctor of Philosophy Degrees
Doctoral Candidacy (Post-comprehensive enrollment)
Doctoral Comprehensive Exam Time Constraints
Doctoral Degree Comprehensive Oral Exams
Doctoral Degree Final Oral Exams
Doctoral Student Oral Exam Committee Composition
Graduate Studies Representative on Doctoral Exam Committees
Graduate Student Oral Exam Attendance
Dean's Letter to the Graduate Studies Representative
Doctoral Degree Requirements
Doctoral Dissertation
Engagement and Enrollment in Doctoral Programs
Research Skills and Responsible Scholarship
Research Skills Requirement (applies to students admitted prior to fall 2011)
Posthumous Award of Degrees
Embargo Policy for Theses and Dissertations

Certificate Programs

For eligibility and admission, see the Admission to Graduate Study policy.

Graduate Certificate Programs
Graduate Certificate Programs, Policies and Procedures for

Graduate Faculty

Graduate Faculty Appointments
Bylaws Governing the Executive Council of Graduate Faculty
University Faculty and Advanced Degrees
Procedures When Graduate Faculty Are Given Terminal Contracts


Board of Regents Policy on Spoken English
Board of Regents Statement on Spoken English
Final Exam Regulations
GRA Tuition Assistance Pool (TAP)
GTA Out-of-Field Appointments
Term Limits for Appointments of GTAs
GTA/GRA/GA Health Insurance Info
GTA/GRA/GA Guidelines and Eligibility
-Graduate Teaching Assistant Appointment Eligibility
-Graduate Research Assistant Appointment Eligibility
-Graduate Assistant Appointment Eligibility
GTA/GRA/GA Benefits
GTA Memorandum of Agreement
Performance Evaluations for Graduate Teaching Assistants
Staff and Staff Dependent Tuition Rates

Grievance Policy and Procedures for Graduate Students
Grievance Procedure for Graduate Studies

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