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Prepare doctoral students as innovators and leaders who are ready to meet the demands of the academy and our global society

The University of Kansas is a comprehensive research university. Doctoral education is a distinguishing feature and a fundamental component of KU’s mission, and a defining factor in its international standing as a research institution. Graduate students make it possible for the University to conduct the research and scholarship of today while doctoral training at KU prepares the researchers, scholars, creators, educators, and innovators —whether humanists, scientists, or artists— of tomorrow. The stated intention of Bold Aspirations Goal 2 to elevate doctoral education at KU recognizes this central importance of graduate education.

Progress towards making KU’s Bold Aspirations a reality is being regularly reported by the Provost’s Office for the Strategic Plan. This site seeks to complement the information provided there by focusing on the work currently occurring in Graduate Studies.

Thomas Heilke, former Dean of Graduate Studies, commissioned an Implementation Committee which prepared an implementation plan for Goal 2 that will guide activities through spring 2016. The Implementation plan is provided here as a pdf file.

pdfBold Aspirations Goal 2 Implementation Plan

Thomas Heilke, former Dean of Graduate Studies, commissioned an Implementation Committee for Goal 2  - Elevating Doctoral Education. The implementation committee prepared an implementation plan for Goal 2 that was presented to the Provost in May 2013. 

Implementation Committee Membership:

Arvin Agah School of Engineering
Marta Caminero-Santangelo Department of English
Heather Eastlund Provost Office
Luis Gonzalez Department of Geology
Thomas Heilke Graduate Studies
Paul Laird School of Music
Kristine Latta College Office of Graduate Affairs
Jim Lichtenberg School of Education
Jenny Mehmedovic Provost Office
Jim Mielke College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Alisa Moldavanova Graduate Student
Roberta Pokphanh Graduate Studies
Jake Rapp Graduate Student
Teruna Siahaan Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Tom Volek School of Journalism and Mass Communications
Strategy 2A of Bold Aspirations is to develop sustainable funding for doctoral education. The Doctoral Funding Workgroup, chaired by Danny Anderson, former Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, presented a report to Thomas Heilke, former Dean of Graduate Studies in the Spring of 2012 with recommendations for developing a comprehensive and sustainable funding model for doctoral education at KU.

Read more about implementation activities at the Office of the Provost. For updates on the actions we are taking to implement Goal 2 of KU's strategic plan read the  full implementation plan which includes both short- and long-term actions to elevate doctoral education.

The Bold Aspirations Goal 2 Implementation Committee created a  timeline for completion of these action items through Spring 2016.