Student Research

Graduate Student Research Profile: Carla Harper

Carla Harper, a doctoral student in ecology and evolutionary biology, analyzes fossils to track climate change effects on the natural environment.

Graduate Student Research Profile: Charlie Fehl

Charlie Fehl, a graduate student in medicinal chemistry, is working to find more selective and effective treatments for prostate cancer.

Graduate Student Research Profile: LlynnAnn Luellen

LlynnAnn Luellen, master's student in civil engineering, develops ways to improve soil conservation and water quality.

Graduate Student Research Profile: Lei Shi

Lei Shi, an electrical engineering doctoral student, is developing collision-avoidance technology for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Multichannel radar for air-collision avoidance will allow UAVs to fly autonomously while avoiding other aircrafts, buildings, and trees.

Graduate Student Research Profile: Chelsie Bright

Chelsie Bright, a research assistant in the Department of Political Science and a graduate assistant for the McNair Scholars Program, investigates how a voter photo ID law can affect election turnout.

Graduate Student Research Profile: Griffin Roberts

Griffin Roberts, a chemical engineering doctoral student, is part of KU's Feedstock to Tailpipe initiative, which explores the possibilities of creating fuels from algae.

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