Non-Degree Seeking

Application fee: $30

Individuals apply to be non-degree-seeking students within a specific department, a program, a professional school, or the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Non-degree-seeking applications are separate from applications to certificate-seeking programs. Information on certificate programs is available here

Non-degree-seeking applicants do not intend to work for an advanced degree. If a non-degree-seeking student later applies for admission as a regular degree-seeking student and is accepted by a department, the total of transfer credit may not exceed nine (9) hours.

Non-degree admission forms can be found in Apply & Track Status.


To gain admission, non-degree-seeking applicants must meet the English proficiency requirements for Provisional admission.

To gain admission, non-degree-seeking applicants must also provide evidence of a completed bachelor's degree. A qualifying bachelor's degree must be conferred by a regionally-accredited university or a foreign university with substantially equivalent degree requirements. A bachelor's degree may or may not be accepted by a department if it contains credit awarded for work experience that was not directly supervised by faculty members (e.g., life experience) or which was not evaluated in units that identify the academic content (e.g., if the work was graded on a P/F or S/U basis). In exceptional cases, the Dean of Graduate Studies may grant exceptions to the bachelor's degree requirement upon demonstration that the applicant is academically well prepared. For more information about what constitutes a completed bachelor's degree and about procedures used to provide and evaluate transcripts, see the procedures governing Graduate Admissions.

Non-degree-seeking applicants are not required to meet the other standards for Regular or Provisional admission.

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