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Graduate Education & COVID-19

The information on this page is tailored to graduatuate students, graduate faculty, and graduate staff administrators. If you have questions related to how COVID-19 is affecting services at the University of Kansas, please visit coronavirus.ku.edu. If you have questions about how to access and navigate online learning resources, please visit remote.ku.edu. To read about how Jayhawks are taking a science-based approach to reopening campus, please visit protect.ku.edu.

If you're not finding the resources or answers you need, please let us know by contacting us directly at graduate@ku.edu or by submitting to our KU Graduate Studies Suggestion Box. For questions specific to admission into a graduate program, please contact us at graduateadm@ku.edu.

A Message from the Vice Provost

Dear Graduate Students, Professional Students, Postdocs, Faculty, and Staff:

We are living in a challenging time for our country, for the University of Kansas, and for each of us individually. The coronavirus pandemic has altered the way we live and work, prompting feelings of fear and uncertainty and distancing us from one another. In some cases, these fears have perpetuated xenophobic rhetoric and prompted anti-Asian discrimination. The appalling violence against the Black community, including the recent murder of George Floyd as well as countless other instances of racial injustice, have also made us starkly aware of the biases that continue to taint our society. 

The University of Kansas is not immune to the virus, xenophobic rhetoric, or the effects of systemic racism. The Office of Graduate Studies is committed to listening, growing, and taking action to combat the institutional inequities faced by Black, Indigenous, and communities of color. Discriminating against others because of their race, ethnicity, or national origin is antithetical to the inclusive learning community that we aspire to be. Should you witness or experience discrimination or harassment, please use these resources to report the behavior. We are fully dedicated to undertaking the critical, ongoing work of creating a more diverse and inclusive experience for our graduate community.

As we together navigate the challenges of the pandemic, the Office of Graduate Studies is also working to protect the health and wellbeing of all of our graduate and professional students, faculty, and staff. KU will operate in-person this fall while taking the full measure of precautions to keep everyone as safe as possible in addition to offering extensive remote options for students at all levels. You can read about how Jayhawks are taking a proactive, science-based approach to reopening campus and curbing the spread of COVID-19 in the Protect KU online guide, where you will also find numerous resources and the latest updates about campus procedures. The Office of Graduate Studies has also created a COVID-19 resource hub specific to the graduate student community on this webpage. 

Transformative change is rarely easy. Working toward a more just society, and reconfiguring the campus environment to ensure the safety of the KU community during the pandemic, will require collaboration, cooperation, creativity, and hard work. The graduate community at KU routinely exhibits these strengths, and I feel confident in our ability to support one another through this time of change and emerge all the stronger and more connected on the other side.

Please know that the Office of Graduate Studies is here to support you, and we are listening—if there are resources and/or information that you’re currently missing, if you have concerns or unmet needs, or if you simply have feedback for our office, please let us know

With great gratitude,
Jennifer A. Roberts
Vice Provost for Graduate Studies

For an archive of additional communications related to COVID-19 sent by the Office of Graduate Studies, please click here.

Action needed to access campus buildings: Download the CVKey app

University of Kansas students, faculty and staff will use the CVKey symptom checker app this fall for entry into campus buildings. If you will be attending classes or working on campus during the fall semester, download the CVKey symptom checker at an Apple App Store or on Google Play.
Pilot Participants: If you downloaded the CVKey app to participate in the pilot this summer, you must delete the beta version and add the public version of the app (see instructons).
The CVKey app asks questions regarding your current state of health and your travel history. You will be required to complete the health assessment each day you plan to be on campus. If your answers meet the required health status, the app will generate a QR code for you to scan at building entrances. If your answers indicate a possible risk for COVID-19 infection, the app will direct you to contact a health care provider. If you choose not to use the CVKey app, you will be required to print off and complete a paper health assessment form each day and carry it with you while on campus.
The CVKey app was built with privacy in mind. The self-assessment and health-related information is strictly confined to your mobile device. No personal health data is shared or stored outside the mobile device. The only information the QR code provides when scanned is a simple yes or no indication of whether your health assessment meets the criteria to enter the building that day. The app cannot be used for other functions, such as location tracking or contact tracing.
The CVKey symptom checker app was created by the CVKey Project, a nonprofit initiative co-founded by KU alumnus and former Google vice president Brian McClendon. KU was the first community to test the CVKey app in a two-month pilot project earlier this summer. Dozens of KU researchers, faculty and staff used the app this summer to access select research buildings.

Reporting Harassment and Discrimination

COVID-19 has no nationality, no ethnicity, no race, no gender. If you believe you have been the target of racism or some other form of discrimination and harassment, please report the incident to Institutional Opportunity and Access at ioa@ku.edu or 785-864-6414. For additional support, you can also contact the Office of Diversity and Equity at diversity@ku.edu or 785-864-4904. A full list of reporting resources can be found here.

Communications Archive

For an archive of communications related to COVID-19 sent to KU graduate students by the Office of Graduate Studies, please click here.

FAQ for Current & Prospective Graduate Students

Prospective and current graduate students can find answers to frequently asked questions regarding academic degree progress and graduate school applications on our COVID-19 FAQ page. If you don't find the answers or resources you need, please contact us directly. Prospective students should e-mail questions to graduateadm@ku.edu; current students should e-mail graduate@ku.edu. In addition to this list of FAQ, graduate students are encouraged to explore the COVID-19 resource hub on this website (see tiles below), to view the latest information on KU’s COVID-19 website, and to review KU's resources related to remote learning.  

To support graduate students facing financial hardship during this crisis, please donate to the Graduate Student Emergency Fund. If you are a graduate student in need of emergency funding, please learn more and apply here

Donate to the Graduate Student Emergency Fund
COVID-19 Updates and Information

Find additional resources regarding online teaching & learning during the COVID-19 outbreak at REMOTE.KU.EDU.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion