Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA), Graduate Research Assistant (GTA), and Graduate Assistant (GA) positions are administered by individual graduate programs. Ask your graduate program about these opportunities and scan the Jobs at KU listings for opportunities outside of your graduate program.

UPDATE: The Center for Teaching Excellence will offer remote office hours for GTA's from March 16-27 daily, from 11 AM-1PM. Office hours can be used to discuss any questions or concerns GTA's may have about transitioning their GTA Duties onliine. Sign up for office hours here, check out the resources that have been made available about teaching remotely, and contact with any questions.

New Semester Break Procedures for GTAs

During the 2018 renegotiation of the Memorandum of Agreement between the University of Kansas and the Graduate Teaching Assistants' Coalition (GTAC), KU committed to managing the storage of student work that does not get returned to students. Departments should arrange to collect from GTAs any un-returned student work and store it in a central, department space (Article 5, Section 2b, p. 7). GTAs should return student work no later than thirty (30) days after the deadline for turning in course grades.

KU has also committed that departments will make arrangements for GTAs to obtain free classroom texts unless the GTA is responsibel for designing their own course (Article 8, Section 1, p. 16).

New GTA Orientation: Mandatory for all New GTAs

Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) play an integral role at KU. All new GTAs must complete a mandatory New GTA Orientation offered by the Center for Teaching Excellence or an approved alternative New GTA Orientation offered by their hiring department. Information on the date and location for the CTE New GTA Orientation can be found by referring to the New GTA Orientation Flyer. On this website, you can also locate additional resources useful to GTAs in working with students.

All students appointed as GTAs for the first time on the Lawrence campus must complete all components of the New GTA Orientation during their first semester of teaching. This orientation consists of three components:

  • New GTA Policy Tutorial
    • All new GTAs will receive information from their departments about how to access the Online Policy Tutorial that will be made available on Blackboard two weeks before the first day of class.
    • All new GTAs must complete the Policy Tutorial, regardless of where they complete the conference/follow-up (CTE Remote Conference and New GTA Follow-up Session or approved departmental orientation).
    • Questions about access or the content of the questions should be directed to Kaila Colyott at
    • New GTAs must achieve a score of 100% on the Policy Tutorial no later than the first day of class. 
  • CTE Remote Conference and Alternative GTA Orientations
    • CTE Remote Conference will introduce you to best practices and provide examples of excellence in teaching.
    •  GTAs will complete the CTE Remote Conference Modules in Blackboard.
    • There are two parts of the CTE Remote Conference; 1. Essential Modules and 2. Breakout Modules, which will be made available the week before the first day of class.
    • GTAs are required to complete the four Essential Modules no later than the first day of class.
    • GTAs should choose and complete three of the available Breakout Modules no later than the end of the fourth week of class.
    • GTAs in some departments are exempt from the CTE Remote Conference and the New GTA Follow-up Session (described below). New GTAs in the departments of Communication Studies, French & Italian, English, and Geology should complete the Policy Tutorial above but complete an approved alternative orientation provided by their department instead of the CTE Remote Conference and New GTA Follow-up Session offered by the Center for Teaching Excellence. GTAs in all other departments must complete all three requirements (Policy Tutorial, Remote Conference, and Follow-up Session) in addition to any departmental training sessions required by their hiring departments. In either case, students must complete their mandatory training by the end of their second full month of working as GTAs. See the table below for requirements of departments that have exemptions.

GTAs teaching in departments with alternative GTA trainings need to complete:

Policy Tutorial CTE Remote Conference

Orientation in hiring department




Communication Studies Yes No Yes No
English Yes No Yes No
French & Italian Yes

Yes; Spring semesters only

Yes; Fall semesters only





Geology Yes No Yes No
Physics & Astronomy Yes No Yes No
  • CTE Follow-Up Session:
    • New GTAs must register to attend the session of their choice through Blackboard.
    • Session registration will be available during the the fourth week of the semester.
    • Sessions will be held during weeks 5–8.

Tutorial Resources

The GTA Tutorial Resources are available to new GTAs prior to their first semester teaching as part of the New GTA Training. The resources link you to information you will need to understand as a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) at the University of Kansas. The resources are organized into four major segments: Privacy and Disability Information, Consenting Relationships and Sexual Harassment, Professional Expectations, and Academic Integrity.

The Privacy and Disability segment of the resources covers handling of student information including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the privacy, confidentiality & release of student records. This segment also covers student disabilities. The Consenting Relationships and Sexual Harassment segment of the resources covers information related to sexual harassment and consenting relationships. The Professional Expectations segment of the resources addresses anticipated and unanticipated GTA absences, campus emergencies, and evacuation of buildings during exams. Additional topics include warning signs & reactions to workplace violence, as well as the presence of weapons on campus. Also briefly covered under this topic is inclusive teaching practices. The Academic Integrity segment covers cheating, plagiarism, disruptive class behavior & other academic and scholarly misconduct.


If you think you may not be able to attend the session you are assigned to, please notify your department immediately. Failure to complete all components of the mandatory training will make a student ineligible to hold any GTA appointment during that semester or in the future. Department Chairs wishing to submit a petition on behalf of a new GTA should contact Amber Roberts Graham for more information.

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