A student bikes down Jayhawk Boulevard in their graduation robes

Preparing to Graduate

Each year, students have the opportunity to apply for and receive their degree in the Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters in accordance with Application for Graduation (AFG) deadlines. This hub is here to walk you through the process and direct you to your school level information and requirements.

Apply to Graduate

In order to graduate, a student must submit several documents in addition to the thesis or dissertation. Individual schools and the College maintain their own graduation requirements, so they may expect documentation beyond what is listed here. Please see the links in the sidebar to the right to direct you to your school-level graduation information.

Students must submit all paperwork directly to the graduate administrators in their school or College, so they should check with their administrators to ensure they meet all requirements and deadlines for graduation. Students should also review the university-wide graduate calendar and take note of applicable deadlines and events.

Graduate Calendars

The deadlines on these calendars outline when doctoral and master's students must file paperwork, apply to graduate, and submit their documents.
Graduate Calendars & Key Dates