Graduate Certificates

The Graduate Certificate is a credential that is recorded on the official transcript.  Students wishing to provide proof of the earned credential should request an official transcript.   We recognize, however, that displaying a printed Graduate Certificate is important to some students.  This “print on demand” process avoids unnecessary processing and printing while still providing a certificate for display purposes to those who request it. 

Graduate students who want a printed copy of their graduate certificate may request one using the Graduate Certificate Request Form.  Students may do so at any time after submitting their Application for Graduation. 


Requests for printed graduate certificates will be processed as they are received though certificates will not be issued until the credential is conferred.  Students who are currently taking classes on the Lawrence campus will be notified when the certificate is ready for pick up in the Office of Graduate Studies.  Certificates will be mailed to students who are exclusively online students, taking classes on the Edwards campus only, or who are graduated or not currently enrolled.