Thesis and Dissertation Binding Instructions

Personal and Departmental Copies

Departments or advisors may require the submission of a printed copy of theses and dissertations. Often, students also desire printed copies to keep or share with loved ones. You can order bound copies of your work through UMI as part of the electronic submission process, but you are not obligated to use their binding service. Additional printing and/or binding services are offered by the firms listed below.

How It Works

Directly submit your PDF or a paper copy of your thesis or dissertation to a binding service. Be sure to read their instructions and submit information as requested. If you submit an electronic thesis or dissertation, the binder will print it on acid-free paper and bind and stamp it to your specifications. Finished, bound volumes will be mailed directly to you. You may pay by credit card or arrange in advance to pay by check or money order.

Commercial Binders Offering Thesis and Dissertation Services

The KU Libraries recommend the following binders that can bind hard-cover or soft-cover copies of your thesis or dissertation and additionally offer print-from-electronic file services. These binders follow the ANSI/NISO Library Binding standard, ensuring volumes that are sturdy, durable and flexible. You can find more information about the Library Binding Standard and a list of compliant companies that may suit your bookbinding needs at the Library Binding Institute.

In addition to these binders, KU's own Jayhawk Ink can bind a soft-cover copy of your thesis or dissertation.

Note: KUMC Library binding information can be found on their website>>