Graduate Scholarly Presentation Travel Fund

The Graduate Scholarly Presentation Travel Fund is for Lawrence or Edwards Campus graduate students presenting their research or the disciplinary equivalent at a meeting of a learned or professional society being held outside of the state of Kansas. Participation in these events provides students with opportunities to advance their research and build their professional network. Attending professional events also enhances the graduate student experience as well as the visibility of the university. This fund provides reimbursements of $500 for domestic or international travel.

The total budget for this fund is divided evenly between the fall and spring semesters. Applications are accepted until that semester's allocation has been depleted.


Applications can only be accepted for travel that will happen in the future; no retroactive travel applications will be accepted. Funding is only available for students at the Lawrence or Edwards campus. You are required to show proof that you have applied for additional funding outside of KU.  This can be from the conference you want to attend or another external source. You are not required to be successful in your pursuit of additional funding but you are required to make a meaningful attempt to secure additional funding. The online application will provide a section to upload proof of additional funding or proof that you have inquired about a funding opportunity outside of KU.  Individuals must be certifiable as at least half-time students at the time of travel. (See chart and exception guidelines below; enrollment is required during time of travel). 

Exceptions may be granted to individuals who are not considered to be half-time students as follows:

  1. Doctoral students who have already completed the required hours of post-comprehensive enrollment and are enrolled in at least one credit hour
  2. Graduate students attending a summer conference not enrolled in summer but who will be enrolled in fall

See the chart below for half-time status and equivalent half-time status:

Fall/Spring Half-Time Status

Enrolled in 6 credit hours
5 hours plus 10% time Teaching or Research Assistant
4 hours plus 20% time Teaching or Research Assistant
3 hours plus 25% time Teaching or Research Assistant


Summer Half-Time Status

Enrolled in 3 credit hours


Applications must be submitted online here. Applicants must complete the online form, and upload proof of presentation acceptance, proof of application for additional funding, and a one-page abstract of the research that is being presented in PDF format. Applications will be processed on a routine basis, first-come/first-served until funds are exhausted. There is a limit of up to $500 for a one-time award per applicant. 


Students must file an Intent to Travel request with their department or Shared Service Center (SSC) before departure. To claim the reimbursement, receipts are filed with the SSC. As with most kinds of funding, students will be required to submit a summary to Graduate Studies of their experiences at the conference.

Award funds must either be used or encumbered before the end of the fiscal year, June 30th.

This award follows the university's travel policies and procedures.

This award is joint funded by the Kansas University Student Senate and the Office of Graduate Studies. Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Office of Graduate Studies using the information below:

Office of Graduate Studies
213 Strong Hall
1450 Jayhawk Blvd.
Lawrence, KS 66045

Phone: 785-864-8040