Prof. Alexandra Kondyli with Georgios Chrysikopoulos (Ph.D. student) and Vishal Kummetha (M.S. student)

Resources for Graduate Students

The Office of Graduate Studies provides information and resources to assist graduate students in successful completion of their degree. If you have questions or cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us at or call (785) 864-8040.

GTA Flex and Online Teaching Program

The Center for Teaching Excellence has developed new resources to help GTAs prepare to deliver Fall classes. This is optional training that GTAs can elect to complete over the summer, with no expectation or requirement to do so.

The CTE’s GTA Flex and Online Teaching Program is a self-paced and individualized training course that uses online modules and an instructor guidebook. The course includes opportunities for discussion groups and consultations with CTE staff and Graduate Student Fellows.

The training is available from July 6 to August 17. KU will provide all participating GTAs with a $500 stipend to support their course design efforts. In order to qualify for the stipend, you must agree to provide CTE with a copy of your course design product upon the completion of your program. Please visit the Center for Teaching Excellence to learn more, or use the button below to go directly to the application. 

Link to CTE Training Course Application Form

Announcing 3MT List of Finalists


  • Kyle Apley
    Doctoral Student in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
    Halting a Rogue Immune Response
  • Bailey Banach
    Doctoral Student in Bioengineering
    The World's Smallest Game of Chess: Engineering Antibody Proteins
  • Max Fairlamb
    Doctoral Student in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
    Relay for Repair: Passing the Baton
  • Luke Helker
    Master's Student in Music
    The Sound of Global Warming
  • Pamela Johnson
    Doctoral Student in Bioengineering
    Regrowing Cartilage in Joints with Hormones
  • Rene Martin
    Doctoral Student in Biological Sciences
    The Role of Phylogeny in the Evolution of Body Shape of Lanternfishes (Myctophiformes)
  • Manvendra Pal Singh
    Doctoral Student in Medicinal Chemistry
    Do Proteins Prefer Binding to Complex Molecules?

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COVID-19 Updates and Information

Find additional resources regarding online teaching & learning during the COVID-19 outbreak at REMOTE.KU.EDU.

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