With coursework, teaching, research, writing, and everything else that is asked of you as a grad student, you might say you just do not have time to volunteer. However, volunteering can be an invaluable experience for a number of reasons.

The Benefits of Volunteering

  • You can try out a career path to see if it is really a good fit for you without a long-term commitment.
  • It's a great way to network in a casual setting and develop important connections and relationships to many different people.
  • Volunteering can provide unique training and skill development opportunities you do not have access to in your program such as project evaluation, program development, expertise in a particular software package or computer program, and writing materials for a non-specialist audience.

These are just a few of the benefits of volunteering or doing an unpaid internship. In some industries or fields, these opportunities are great entry points into very competitive fields such as international  and domestic non-profit work, politics, museums, federal and state government agencies, and some private industries. 

Learn about more benefits of volunteering as a graduate student both on- and off-campus:

On Campus Volunteer Opportunities

  • University Career Center Volunteer Resources

    Participating in service opportunities is an excellent way for you to gain valuable experience while serving a greater cause. Whether you volunteer locally or internationally, paid or unpaid, engaging in service and advocacy work can have several benefits for you as a professional.

  • KU Center for Service Learning

    The KU Center for Service Learning hosts a number of resources, sites and information on local opportunities.

  • KU Volunteer

    A volunteer resource for all KU students, faculty, staff, and campus organizations.

  • Kansas Legislative Internship Program

    Any student who is enrolled in a secondary or post-secondary education institution and will be earning credit for their learning experience or is making academic progress in their educational course of study is eligible to apply. No specific major is required, but strong oral and written communication skills, and a basic understanding of government and the legislative process, are helpful. Application deadline usually occurs in mid-November.

  • Center for Community Outreach

    Volunteer opportunities and programs affiliated with KU including Campus Cupboard, the KU Community Garden, and more.